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Paving the path to a brighter future

"You Already Have What It Takes" Read Ephesians 1:3-6

How do you would react if you found out this morning that you have super powers? Maybe you could fly, or one of you could become invisible or somebody else was super strong. That would be pretty cool, wouldn't it? But how would you feel if you found out that you'd had those powers your whole life long, but you weren't told about them until today? If you're like me, I bet you'd feel a little frustrated and cheated.You'd probably look at your super powers and then think back about all the situations in your past where you could have used those powers to make things right or to even change someone's life. But because you didn't know what you had, you lost those opportunities. There's an old cliche that says, "Ignorance is bliss". But we all know that's not the truth. When it comes to spiritual truth, ignorance is the worst thing you can possess. The word says He "hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings," meaning it's already done. You Already

have all your spiritual blessing. God has already forgiven you. He's already healed you. He's already commanded His blessing upon you and your finances. He's already given you love, joy and peace. It's not a matter of trying to get God to move in your life; it's a matter of you moving into agreement with Him and receiving what He has already provided. "You Already Have What It Takes"

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